Theoretical & Physical Biology Group 


Everyone wonders about the vast diversity of life forms around us. Amidst this diversity and complexity of life, modern biology's challenge is to build a unified understanding of how 'life' self-organizes itself. Along with traditional tools, modern biology now integrates methods from various disciplines like mathematics, physics, chemistry, computer science, etc. This interdisciplinary venture hopefully will help us to tease apart the complexities of life. Also, biology is becoming increasingly quantitative, where the role of hypothesis-based theory is indispensable. With this general motivation, our lab focuses on theoretical and computational modeling of biological processes.

"Things are similar: this makes science possible. Things are different: this makes science necessary"

-Dialectics and Reductionism in Ecology

by Richard Levins and Richard Lewontin

(from the book, "The Dialectical Biologist")

Our Research


Stochastic gene expressions


Size regulation and kinetics of subcellular structures

Collective cell motility and tissue formation during development


Population dynamics of interacting microbes